Deuces Wild (Video Poker) Casino Game

Deuces Wild (Video Poker) Casino Game
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king jackpot deuces wild video poker online casino game
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Video Poker

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Double Stage


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Ah yes, “” Video Poker. It’s the top poker , in which skill and luck intertwine to create what is, for many, a huge obsession. And to indulge you, King Jackpot is here to deliver the goods.

Like everything else that has made its way to the Web, King Jackpot has made it easier than anything to play Deuces Wild Video Poker on the Web by creating unique and enhanced ways to game and communicate with other like-minded folks. Video poker deuces wild at King Jackpot is not just a game versus your pals, but it’s also grown into an engaging venue to meet and greet other similar people, and play and beat those at a great level of skill.

Even though deuces wild video poker may never overcome the visceral thrill and enjoyment of fooling somebody into a sizable bet and coming out on top, playing deuces wild poker at King Jackpot offers video poker games for every type of online poker player at all times of the day. And that is definitely more convenient than arranging a poker night around everyone’s busy lives offline.

Furthermore, when Solitaire gets way too uninteresting and tedious, it’s all about turning to the ever more thrilling and impressive world of online poker games.


That being said, Deuces Wild Video Poker at King Jackpot is the computerized version of the . At King Jackpot, you can bet as little as £5 and as much as £105. Although many different variations of virtual poker exist, King Jackpot specifically offers Multi-hand Video Poker. This specific King Jackpot deuces wild poker card game is a variation of normal in which the player can play multiple hands simultaneously.

In short, here’s how “Deuces Wild” Video Poker at King Jackpot works:

  • On “Deal”, the player is dealt a hand and is allowed to hold one or more cards. Then, on “Draw” the player is dealt multiple hands.
  • Every single hand is evaluated the same way. Therefore, a player can win on every single hand played in multi-hand Video Poker (deuces wild), depending on the payout table.
  • Every single hand has its very own virtual deck of 52 cards.

At King Jackpot, to calculate the various payouts for a , simply multiply the Price you selected in the game by the Payout that corresponds with your win.

 Natural royal flush
see current progressive value
 Four deuces
 Wild royal flush
 Five of a kind
 Straight flush
 Four of a kind
 Full house
 Three of a kind

You played 5 Hands and selected a bet Price of £5. You won a Straight on one hand plus a Full House on one of your other hands.

  • Straight pays out £5 times a payout of 2 = £10.00
  • Full House pays out £5 times a payout of 3 = £15.00

Therefore, the total payoff for this game would be: £25.00

In addition to a 96% return-to-player (RTP) ratio on this Deuces Wild Video Poker game, King Jackpot also offers deuces wild poker players a Double Stage feature to increase your odds of coming out a winner. Pretty good, right?

So without further ado, forget all those card games for kids and play a real card game for grown-ups like “Deuces Wild” video poker at King Jackpot. If you’ve got an appetite for competition – or winning a little on the side – playing deuces wild online video poker at King Jackpot will put your game to the ultimate test. Above anything, it’s all about the cards, monies and having a great time!

King Jackpot offers only the top games around and this video poker deuces wild game is no different. So, come on in and check it out for yourself by downloading the . Make connections, win cash and enjoy a true-to-life deuces wild poker experience now.

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