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That’s right. As part of King Jackpot’s continuing mission of bringing players closer to winning thousands of pounds in cash prizes and online. King Jackpot is giving away one free £20 welcome bonus (no deposit or credit card required) – for slots and bingo – to every newly registered player that downloads King Jackpot’s and completes their King Jackpot registration.

Having said that, if you would like to see actual proof that playing at King Jackpot can (and does) create quick monetary windfalls, then check out the testimonials below from real King Jackpot winners…

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Playscratchcards  says  King Jackpot UK  is  absolutely  fantastic – this is an absolutely fantastic website. First of all, you get £20 free play, which is the most out of any website that I’ve come across. You also get a first deposit bonus as well, which is nice. And they actually give you a deposit bonus of 300% up to £300. So, you know, that’s a good amount of money. If you put £300 on there, they’re gonna max that right out and you’re gonna get some sort of serious bonus on those as well. Other things I like is that there’s a refer-a-friend scheme… I think you get £45 for each friend that you refer. Lots of games… Really, really good website – nice and easy to use… Not too glitchy… Not too data-heavy, which is really important. Like I said, loads of games, really good fun. Nice deposit bonus. Nice free play amount when you join as well. And a bit of cash to get you going… So, fantastic. Really, really recommend this website. If you got a minute, check it out. It’s: ”
– Playscratchcards
TheOtherGuy  won  £2,000  playing  at  King Jackpot UK

Hey, what’s going on guys? In this quick video, I wanna show you the website, King Jackpot. It’s a very amazing website. I’ve used it to make a ton of money. I don’t know how they stay in business cause I keep making money off them. I’ve probably pulled in two grand in the past month and it’s really cool how easy it is to make money. So I absolutely love their website. I love everything about it. It’s so much fun to play the bingo, the slots, or even the casino. It’s really straightforward, really easy, and it’s super addicting. You know, it kinda cures my casino fix that I need for the day. But yea, it’s free, it’s straightforward. You can deposit money if you want, but I mean, generally speaking, it’s pretty much free. If you look at how much money that’s been paid out already, it’s insane how much money that is. That’s a ton. So, if you guys are interested at all, there’s a link in the description that helps you get the free money, the free deposit. And you can start playing, you can start having a good time. So if this interests you in any way, shape or form, grab the link in the description. Other than that guys, have a great day. Thanks for watching. ”
– TheOtherGuy
yoyocat  won  £500  playing  at  King Jackpot UK

[This video is private. Please sign in to view this video.] ”
– yoyocat

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  1. Cecelia says:

    It’s everything I want in a bingo game.

  2. Alesha says:

    Loveeeee this game.

  3. Mozella says:

    I Love this game and play it every single day, my family have even all started to play it. Phenomenal game guys good job!

  4. Maragaret says:

    I love playing it is definitely addicting play it for hours on end…

  5. Myrtle says:

    I have been playing this game for several years now which is uncommon for me. I usually get bored pretty quickly but this one is brilliant.

  6. Geri says:

    Love this one. You can win. So many exciting games and ways to play. No trouble with loading or lagging. Awesome.

  7. Sonya says:

    I give it five stars. This has gotta be the best Slots. I like the fact that you do not use up all your money fast like you can at other places.

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